Netalico: communication, expertise, and empathy

Netalico: communication, expertise, and empathy

Over the past ten years, Netalico has been assisting businesses big and small with their online stores. Customers have been steadily embracing e-commerce, and 2020 gave an unprecedented push to online shopping worldwide. Our aim is that your store can provide the best shopping experience for the full diversity of customers, and we use the best tools in the market to build the structure your store needs in the shape of Magento and Shopify.

We know how much thought you’ve put into your work. Countless hours designing, thinking about how to market your products, your brand’s tone and personality, all of that could be thwarted by an unappealing or overly complicated store design. Your product deserves to be in the hands of your customers as easy as possible.

It would be foolish to preach on how important it is to make your customer’s life easier when purchasing your product and not apply the same philosophy on how we do business.

Discussing servers, platforms, and retention rates could get overly complicated. We want to provide you the same smooth, fast, and straightforward service your customers deserve. We know what we are doing because we’ve been doing it for a long time. We’ve seen the trends and adapted to them, and we understand how stressful it can be when something is not working.


One of the first things people think about when locating a brick and mortar store is its location. Finding the best possible place for your customers to reach and find you would be the equivalent of having a website optimized for search engines. Understanding how search engines work behind the scenes is key to ensuring your site rates high with them. 


We observe how users experience your site, and we then suggest designs and layouts backed by studies and your ideal “feel” of your brand image. Ensure your customer is getting the best possible in-store experience and enjoying a beautifully designed storefront

Simultaneously, make sure you don’t miss any opportunity to communicate with them – both while browsing your site with suitable content for the products they are looking for and reaching out to them with emails, subscriptions, or upsells. 


We know that not every company has the same needs or customer base. We build a strong understanding of your business to suggest the hosting/platform solution that caters to your interests. We know what works, what doesn’t, and what to fix so that the store’s performance is not hindered by the features you want your website to use. Be it that your company wants to improve a full-fledged Magento installation or a self-managed Shopify storefront, we can audit what you have and customize it for the best possible performance.  


Our strength lies in the intimate relationship we build with our clients, both to understand them and understand what is happening with their websites. We make them feel in control by letting them know what is going on and what we are doing to look after their product, store, and customer base. We want our customers to love us, not only because we’re certified experts but also because we can make a difference, and they can see actual results.

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