Sheets & Giggles

They're bed serious (but otherwise quite silly).

Sheets & Giggles makes sustainable bedding from Eucalyptus trees. The lyocell fabric is made out of high-quality eucalyptus wood pulp, a sustainable and renewable natural resource. 

Shopify Development , UX/UI Design

Sheets & Giggles aims to bring eucalyptus bedding and sheet puns to the world through its over-the-top fun Shopify website. They needed help with guiding and building UX improvements on the site as they expanded their product line and planned to grow.

We’ve worked with S&G to iteratively improve their site, starting with a UX audit. We’ve helped them grow-up their look with a new homepage and easy-to-use navigation with featured products that hits best practices on all devices. Plus, we custom designed and built a bundle builder tool, allowing their customers to buy more, more easily.

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