Working out with weighted jump ropes

Crossrope is introducing the world to the benefits of working out with weighted jump ropes, through its rapidly growing direct to consumer website.

Shopify Development

Crossrope came to us with a Big Commerce site they liked the look of, but had gone through a few developers and didn’t feel Big Commerce was the right fit. They wanted to make the switch to Shopify and get a solid foundation for scaling the growing brand up even more quickly.

We started working on Crossrope’s migration in early 2020. By the time we relaunched the site in May 2020, at-home workout gear was skyrocketing as part of COVID-19 lockdowns, and it became extra important to launch the Shopify migration smoothly and not miss a beat.

We completed Crossrope’s migration to Shopify within 3 months, including building a fully custom theme, sourcing Shopify-compatible apps and integrations to handle their tech needs, and customizing and testing their tracking setup. Launch was a big success, and the new platform allowed Crossrope to continue to grow exponentially throughout 2020. Just a few months later, we oversaw their global launch via Global-E.

We continue to work with Crossrope, maintaining and building out their Shopify site even further.

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