Better Brand

Designing a Better future of food. Better Brand has transformed bagels, rolls, and buns to feature fewer carbs and more protein.

Eat Better came to us with a headless site, complete with animations and features they loved but without the ability to self-manage or track any marketing initiatives. We migrated the full site from headless onto Shopify seamlessly allowing the team more control over their growing product line.

As we’ve continued with an iterative custom design process, we have implemented a global navigation with a product dropdown to feature flavor selection, a redesigned PDP to highlight all their new flavors and products, and a brand new FAQ page. We updated their “Our Mission” story from a pop-up video to a scrollable page for an immersive brand experience. We also designed and built out a new homepage to better fit the growing product line, as rolls and buns were introduced - giving the team tools to market and merchandise their new products now and into the future.