Limitless Walls

Limitless Walls is a family-run business founded by two brothers with a mission to provide the highest quality wall murals, wallpaper, and canvas prints.

We have been working with Limitless Walls since 2016, at first maintaining and developing their Magento 1 store, and in 2022 migrating their business to Shopify.

During their time using Magento 1, we were able to successfully:

  • Integrate and maintain multiple image API’s over time to provide a wide variety of product options
  • Implement multiple site design changes over the years, including creating a mobile optimized version of the site
  • Develop & design a custom wishlist

In 2022, after Magento 1 had been sunset, the team decided to migrate to Shopify Plus.

Below are some of the key elements of this highly customized site:

  • The utilization of Adobe’s API to pull product and mockup images, as well as their custom cropper tool. With an image library in the millions, products for each image are created on demand in Shopify, with pricing calculated by the square inch. This allows us to skirt Shopify’s typical product limitations.
  • A redesigned product detail page (PDP) and homepage for a more visually appealing and user-friendly layout.
  • The creation of a program to digitally manipulate any image, creating mockups of their canvas products and showing them in various room photos, so that visitors can choose the right size canvas for their needs.
  • A custom shopping cart designed to support shopping for Limitless Walls’ highly visual products, with large images and clear listing of customization options.
  • Customized email trigger events and custom coded elements of various automated email flows in Klaviyo to account for their unique product setup.

Through our efforts, we successfully migrated the site to Shopify Plus, while keeping the custom features from their Magento 1 store and improving site speed significantly in the process. With our extensive knowledge and expertise in e-commerce platform migration, Netalico can help businesses like Limitless Walls create a solid and modern foundation through migrating to Shopify.

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Netalico has a nice eye for design, and we’ve never been disappointed. Every time we get a redesign, we’re blown away by how it looks. Above all, their design feels modern, and they keep SEO and ease of access in mind when doing them. They’re the best developer we’ve ever worked with and you can’t go wrong with Netalico Commerce. 

Shawn Speeney, Sales Manager