Milestones by Ashleigh Bergman

Milestones by Ashleigh Bergman curates dazzling, unique jewelry made by specialty designers for a high-end market. After decades in the designer jewelry business, Ashleigh envisioned Milestones as a luxury concierge jewelry service for her selective clients, providing stellar, personalized service and a delightful experience.

Before working with us, Ashleigh was happy with how her site looked, but the functionality wasn't providing the experience she wanted for her clients. The site was slow, didn't properly explain the lead times that varied by designer and complexity of the jewelry design, and was difficult to browse.

We've designed and built multiple projects over the years to improve product browsing on site. A custom navigation with customizable images entices users to explore, and custom badges showcase new, trending, popular, and Ashleigh's Faves, all to draw in visitors and help them find a place to start finding the jewels that speak to them. The integration of Rebuy sitewide personalizes the shopping experience and improves AOV.

One of our first tasks was a product page redesign, with the goal of making the page more useable and to clearly explain the lead times on products. We built a list of designers and lead times that display above the add to cart button, impossible for shoppers to miss. It's editable in one place, and easy to add a designer, so Ashleigh doesn't need to ask for help every time a designer has a holiday slow-down or she adds a new collection to the site. Product images and descriptions are easier to engage with, and cross-sell products feature strongly on the product pages now, all contributing to Milestone's steady growth over the past few years.

We've also added Instagram-like category shopping section on the homepage uses patterns Ashleigh's audience uses all the time on social media, while helping new visitors understand the full range of products. With the integration of a new tool for product personalizations, it's easy for users to add a name engraving or birthstone to their necklace or ring. Overall, the site provides more of the specialized experience that luxury good clients expect.

I don't have to worry about the functionality, design, or technology of my website. It runs beautifully, looks amazing...I love it. It's been one of the best decisions I've made for my company!

Ashleigh Bergman, CEO