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Build your online store with confidence. As experts in the major eCommerce platforms, we will build, maintain, and optimize your site, so your business can grow.

Our experienced development team builds fast, SEO-optimized, and user-friendly websites with customizable design elements for easy editing.


We work on all sizes of Shopify sites, from Basic to Plus. As official Shopify Partners, we combine our developer's experience with enhanced customer support.


As BigCommerce Partners and with a team of development certified engineers, we are prepared and ready to bring your site to life.


We are long time members of the Magento Community Insider Program and certified in both Magento 1 and 2 solutions.

Custom Builds

Looking for a highly customized site to support your business's unique needs?

Our team of developers has broad experience across backend systems and programming languages, and we can build the features and functionality you need to optimize your business, all in an easy format for your team to update.

"The biggest thing is they listen to us, and that’s really hard to find in a developer. We’ve been really happy with the way that they respond to us and if we have an idea, they’ll help us figure out the best ways to accomplish it in an efficient way. They also help us turn our ideas into something that’s more of a long-term solution instead of a short-term solution."

Jinnie Austin | Brand Manager, Feetures


Has your business outgrown its current platform, and you're looking to find the best foundation for future growth? We can help identify the right platform for you, and map out a plan for a smooth migration.

We've helped clients migrate highly complex sites to Shopify, Magento 2, and BigCommerce.

"Their experience with migration is something not all agencies have. A lot of agencies can do all sorts of development work, but e-commerce has a lot of nuances that are important to understand. They are skilled in what they do and we have a great rapport with Mark."

Chief Marketing Officer, Fitness Brand

Shopify Rethemes

Looking to level-up your Shopify site? We'll identify the ideal customer journey through your site, find the best theme match, and migrate all your apps, tracking, and customizations to your new theme - plus build in some new features to wow your customers.

Our retheme process is a great fit for most Shopify clients, and it's a budget-friendly alternative to a full custom design.

"Thanks to Netalico, our conversion rate increased significantly. When we started working with them, our conversion rate was around 1.75%, and we now have a 2.4% conversion rate, which is great. Moreover, Netalico did a really good job at implementing helpful features on our site. Among the most helpful improvements were a new recommendation engine, a wholesale ordering platform, and more compelling product description pages."

Seth Ross | Owner & Co-Founder, Lovey & Grink

Maintenance & Iterative Improvements

We understand that for some sites, gradual improvement is the best fit for their business stage or resources.

We can recommend and help prioritize tasks for the most efficient iterative improvements to your site. This helps with your data and analytics, tracking what changes impacted what metrics, as well as eases your budget.

"Netalico Commerce has been doing maintenance and upgrades for our existing Magento website and customer portal to make our ordering process more efficient and solve its current issues. When they came in, we told them what our problems were and solved everything within a couple of months."

Wes Van Boom | VP, Documotion Research Inc

More Development Services

ADA Compliance

Is your site protected from ADA lawsuits? We can run scans to identify issues with compliance, and work through fixes. We recommend quarterly scans.

Technical SEO

Our in-house SEO experts can offer technical advice beyond keywords and search terms to increase page rankings. This includes enhancing site speed and ensuring your code is clean.

Site Speed

We can run site speed and Core Web Vitals tests on your site to identify speed issues, and then work through fixes and improvements.

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