VYBES is a Los Angeles-based brand that offers a line of refreshing beverages and other products designed to keep you calm and collected.

VYBES reached out to us for help with UX/UI strategy, design, and Shopify development in the fall of 2021. Shifting their strategy focus from solely retail to e-commerce, they recognized the need to tailor their site. This shift better met the team’s products and marketing needs.

We have designed and implemented a custom navigation, custom drawer cart, and new category and product templates for VYBES. Now, on their product pages, a user can easily swap between different flavors, instead of needing to navigate to each individually. Users can also quickly add a product to cart from any device on collection pages, making re-ordering easy and frictionless for their strong audience of return customers. We also built out Rebuy across their site, allowing for quick and easy cross-sells sitewide.

All of these updates have contributed to massive growth online for VYBES: since we started working together, VYBES has seen a 20% increase in conversion rate on top of a 50% increase in sessions, resulting in a 90% increase in revenue.

Open VYBES Website
Thanks to them, we’re having the best year of online sales we’ve ever had...Their work has been instrumental in helping us double our conversion rates. We were at a 2.5% conversion rate, and now we’re close to 6%...

Jonathan Eppers, CEO/Founder