Oatly is an international  industry-disrupting oatmilk brand. Since 2019, we have served as the Oatly US team’s Shopify website development team. Oatly chose us because of our small size, responsiveness, and high level of expertise.

Through our partnership, we provide development support as well as UX strategy recommendations and design. We oversaw a smooth transition for the US site during a headless global site redesign. We also elevated Oatly’s Recharge product subscriptions experience by improving the signup process and optimizing subscription retention by giving customers autonomy to manage their subscription through an improved account UI. After launching these improvements, Oatly saw a 188% increase in monthly recurring revenue via subscriptions in just 3 months.

We’ve also provided technical email marketing support and strategy. Oatly was new to email when we started working together. We helped them gain more control over their transactional emails to create a stellar customer experience, even with inventory and shipping issues. With a growing subscriber list, they have started to use email marketing to connect with their rabid fanbase. Oatly has now sent 700,000 emails and counting, with a 40%+ open rate, and email has become an important tool for them to . support, inform, and delight their subscribers.

We’re excited about the work that Netalico and Recharge accomplished together. The Recharge app has been a great subscription solution for our e-commerce website. The results truly show that this project has been a major success.

Cheyenne Thayer, E-Commerce Manager