Sheets & Giggles

They're bed serious (but otherwise quite silly). Sheets & Giggles makes sustainable bedding from Eucalyptus trees, and aim to bring their sheets and sheet puns to the world through its over-the-top fun Shopify Plus website.

Sheets & Giggles came to us looking for help with guiding and building UX improvements on the site as they expanded their product line and planned to grow. We’ve worked with S&G to iteratively improve their site, starting with a UX audit. We’ve helped them grow-up their look with a new homepage and easy-to-use navigation with featured products that hits best practices on all devices. Plus, we custom designed and built a bundle builder tool, allowing their customers to buy more, more easily.

In October 2023, the site launched with a rebrand and a new Shopify 2.0 theme. We continue to work with Sheets & Giggles, iteratively improving their site and aiming for AOV increases.

The quality we value the most about Netalico is their excellent communication. Their consistency in communication helps drive projects forward and keeps us in the loop, so we never have to worry about what’s happening. Their team has the freedom to make changes to the site as necessary; we fully trust them and don’t micromanage them.

Frank Dorval, VP of Marketing