How Netalico Uses Unito to Streamline Client Workflows in Asana, Basecamp, Trello, and More

As a boutique eCommerce agency that collaborates with a myriad of diverse host clients — each with their own processes — Netalico must work with many different work management tools.

An Unwieldy Problem

Mark Lewis, Netalico’s founder and owner, realized that the original two-step approach was costing time, creating inefficiencies, and forming unintended cracks through which critical information had fallen and gotten lost.

The two-tiered approach just didn’t work:

  • First, Netalico’s employees needed to log into a shared inbox management system, sort through dozens of incoming emails, and identify and prioritize tasks
  • Next, employees would log into a client’s work management platform — like Asana, Basecamp, or Trello — to find tasks and updates
  • Then, they’d need to manually copy those updates to Netalico’s internal Asana projects

To add more “fun” to the mix, each client has their own way of doing things — so Netalico’s people needed to create new processes for every single client. Even when Netalico shared a tool — like Asana — with clients, Netalico teams still needed to switch between instances to manage and track updates.

Plus, while Netalico and clients could communicate via Slack, emails, and task managers, making sure that every stakeholder receives the information they need translated into a mammoth headache.

A Seamless Solution

Enter Unito. Lewis built a series of one-way workflows between the Netalico teams’ Asana projects and tools their clients used. Now, Netalico received crucial updates without switching tools or reviewing long email chains.

While many Unito clients rely on two-way workflows to transmit information back and forth between tools, Netalico needed to ensure that changes made on their end internally didn’t appear on their clients’ projects. 

Netalico uses a dedicated account in each client’s tool of choice to share the updates their clients need. Netalico’s Asana projects reflect those updates and comments or changes the clients have made. This one-way approach facilitates internal discussions and also keeps client boards clean of noise.

Unito’s flexibility gives Netalico the control over what updates go through their workflow. The teams can completely control how much information they communicate by tweaking the platform as needed to build two-way flows between tools.

Less-Stressed Netalico Teams; Satisfied Clients

Netalico has seen instant benefits from using Unito. Important updates arrive at their intended recipients. Teams can spend more time solving clients’ eCommerce challenges. And clients get more for their money. 

Read the full report for insight!

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