Netalico's New Look: Unveiling Our Rebrand Journey

Netalico's new website from the rebrand

If you know anything about the Netalico team, you're familiar with our unwavering commitment to build enduring relationships. We understand that true growth doesn't stem solely from providing services; it requires genuine investment in everyone’s success. This is at the heart of what we do. 

Our rebrand process started as a way to bring to life the characteristics of our growing team and the relationships we nurture with our partners. Over the last few years, while focusing on client projects, our own brand and identity often fell to the wayside. As we expanded our internal UX Design & Strategy team, we decided to make this a top priority going into 2024! 

We wanted to maintain a modern, balanced look that reflects the innovative work we do while staying true to our spirit of approachability and authenticity.

The Discovery Stage

In the discovery phase of our rebrand, we utilized mood boards to curate inspiration and guide the visual direction. Our aim was to solidify the project's style before delving into the design process. This pivotal step revolved around the concept of the Netalico team serving as the "operational pulse" for our clients. For Netalico's new brand, we embraced a visual direction characterized by structure and vibrancy, incorporating geometric shapes.

The Logo Evolution

In our initial discovery meetings, the team learned the origins of the name Netalico. In search of an easy-to-buy domain name, our founder Mark wanted to create a fun, made-up word, combining “Internet” and “Calico” (aka calico cat - we’re big animal people over here!). 

We knew that to start this rebrand journey, we needed to look at the brand our clients were already familiar with. The meaning of "Netalico Commerce" evolved to be a synonymous representation of our ethos and operations. It had garnered meaning and resonance both internally and externally. So we kept the name, but dropped the “commerce”, simplifying our identity to the straightforward and memorable: Netalico.

The transformation from the old logo to the new one was designed to preserve key elements of our original brand. 

Our refreshed branding underscores our team's dedication to client relationships and eCommerce success, while embracing Netalico’s history by including the familiar orange color, and including a recognizable (but refreshed) “N” emblem. 

Before and After Images of the Netalico logo

The Concept

The focus of the Netalico logo was to maintain a design that is both legible and approachable. The "N" graphic was crafted to symbolize the deep connections and human relationships we cultivate with our clients - two symmetrical pieces coming together to form a meaningful partnership. This geometric approach reflects our commitment to structured, and detailed service offerings in development, UX design, and project management, showcasing that every aspect of our work is cohesive and purposeful.

Netalico Primary and Secondary Logo
Netalico "N" logo graphic - two symmetrical pieces coming together

Type & Color

Netalico's primary typeface is Gabarito, a light-hearted geometric sans typeface that strikes a perfect balance between functionality and playfulness. Its approachable nature was the perfect fit for the rebrand. 

Our color palette serves as the cohesive thread that ties our brand identity together. Opting for a bold pink hue, unconventional in the eCommerce landscape, was a deliberate choice to help us stand out. By incorporating orange into the gradient, we pay homage to our original logo, preserving a piece of our brand's history. This vibrant color scheme, paired with our structured logo, embodies the down-to-earth spirit of Netalico, creating a warm and welcoming aesthetic that sets us apart from our competitors.

Netalico Color Palette

The Brand Heart

In the process of making this new brand identity, we wanted to make sure the visual identity was aligned with our mission, vision and values. 


Establish a new standard for e-commerce best practices, driven by expertise, and a commitment to empowering individuals and businesses for sustained success.

Netalico sweater


Shaping a future where businesses and individuals thrive in the digital landscape through seamless, innovative e-commerce solutions. A world where our expertise not only transforms the e-commerce experience but also fosters sustainable growth, creates opportunities, and elevates revenue for our partners. 

5 Core Values

Collaboration Icon


We believe in the strength of enduring partnerships, working together to collectively achieve success and surpass industry standards.

Empowerment Icon


We are committed to empowering our clients by sharing information, fostering confidence, and creating solutions that enable growth and success.

Innovation Icon


We embrace a culture of innovation, constantly seeking new and improved ways to enhance the e-commerce experience, drive revenue, and stay ahead in the dynamic digital landscape.

Expertise Icon


We value and continuously enhance our knowledge, ensuring that our team is equipped with the latest insights and technical abilities to provide top-notch solutions.

Integrity Icon


Our actions and decisions are guided by the highest ethical standards, ensuring transparency, honesty, and accountability in all aspects of our work and relationships.

Tone of Voice

Netalico's brand tone of voice is all about being clear, genuine, and down-to-earth. Our priority is nurturing long-term client relationships, which means our communication style must be relatable and authentic. We believe in the power of simplicity - saying the most with the least amount of words. Our voice is genuine, conversational, approachable, and friendly, reflecting our commitment to connecting with our clients on a personal level. That being said, we curated a new brand manifesto: a concise declaration of our beliefs, values, and purpose, serving as a guiding principle for our actions and communications.

Netalico tote bag
Netalico hat

The Brand Manifesto

We understand the daily challenges of maintaining the operational pulse of your site;
We’ve walked in your shoes. 
Agency after agency, making you feel like a problem instead of a partner.
We’ve seen it too many times.
Not our style.

Growth doesn’t come from merely providing services, 
It takes people who are invested in your success,
People who are driven by results.

Yes, we’re tech savvy.
Yes, we’re experts in our field.
But we’re also human first.
And we’ll treat you like one too.

Together, let's write the next chapter of your success story.
Building. Maintaining. Optimizing. Growing. 
We’re here to be your dedicated e-commerce partner. 
For the long haul. 

Above all – we're rooting for you.
Because your success is the heart of what we do.
Your journey begins here.

Our Next Phase

Now that we have a fresh new brand, we’re excited to continue the growth of our agency. Here’s to all the projects and partnerships yet to come! 

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