Shopify Introduces New Enterprise Stack to Attract Larger Clients

Shopify Introduces New Enterprise Stack to Attract Larger Clients


Shopify has launched "Commerce Components by Shopify," a composable stack aimed at enterprise retailers. This new offering allows businesses to use only the components they need, providing flexibility and scalability for large retailers.

Key Features

  • Composable Stack: Enterprise clients can access Shopify's core features while integrating their preferred back-office services.
  • Flexible APIs: The new stack offers flexible APIs with no rate limits, catering to the specific needs of large retailers.

Industry Insights

Mark William Lewis, CEO/Founder of Netalico Commerce, explains that this new offering targets larger brands that typically prefer custom e-commerce platforms. He notes, "Commerce Components by Shopify opens our infrastructure so enterprise retailers don’t have to waste time, engineering power, and money building critical foundations Shopify has already perfected."

Strategic Impact

Shopify's move to introduce Commerce Components aims to fill the gap for large merchants wanting to move their infrastructure to SaaS in the cloud while retaining the flexibility of a custom platform. According to Lewis, this initiative is a significant step towards making Shopify's SaaS platform more adaptable for larger enterprises.

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