Feetures America's #1 Running Sock.

Feetures socks are engineered with Targeted Compression & anatomical design for a custom-like fit to prevent blisters & slipping. 

Shopify Development , UX/UI Design

We’re wearing Feetures socks as we type this! Feetures makes running socks, and other types of socks, in North Carolina, and their rabid fan base can’t get enough of the quality and support their socks provide.

We’ve provided design and development support for Feetures since just after they made the migration to Shopify in 2018. After supporting Feetures original Shopify theme for a few years, we started fresh with a full redesign and retheme aimed at giving them more control over their merchandising and a faster, improved customer experience.

Especially cool features (ha) on the Feetures site include ajax filters that can be combined and don’t require a page refresh, a quick add to cart from the collection page aimed at their large returning customer base, and collection pages populated via the Shopify products API for quick loading and custom organization.

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