If you love your Tesla, then TesBros is the right place.

TesBros educates and empowers Tesla owners on how to protect, maintain, & customize their vehicles.

Shopify Development , UX/UI Design

TESBROS built a huge following on their YouTube video channel about all things Tesla. With a growing ecommerce business, TESBROS approached us for help laying the groundwork for a highly performant website. In order to scale up even faster, amp up their ad spend, and add to their product line, their Shopify website became a critical factor.

We’ve helped TESBROS build custom navigation, homepage, and product launch landing pages. We audited the site speed on their Shopify 2.0 theme and integrated apps. The keystone in our work together has been building a custom fitment compatibility tool, so users can input the year, model, and trim of their Tesla. The site will then show customers what products are or are not compatible with their car. This solves a key user problem with the goal to dramatically reduce product returns, which greatly impacted the workflow of the small TESBROS team.

Our latest project involved developing a Tesla customization 5-step bundle builder. Currently, we are expanding the compatibility tool into more areas of the site.

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