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Shopify Development

Certified to develop and manage Shopify websites.

Shopify Theme Development Certified

Shopify Product Fundamentals Certified

Shopify Business Fundamentals Certified

Shopify App Development Certified


We can help you build, maintain, and gradually improve your Shopify site.


Shopify Development

From customizing a pre-built theme to building a new theme from the ground up, we develop fast, scalable, beautiful Shopify sites that perform (and don't break your budget).


Maintenance & Management

We'll help you maintain and manage your Shopify site. No weeks-long support queues when you have a question or need a quick update: just fast, personal support from the same people who work on your site.


UX Design & CRO

From a fully custom Shopify site design to gradual improvements in your user experience and conversion rate through smart design decisions, we take a data-driven approach that gets real results.

Let’s talk about your Shopify site.

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Mark Lewis May 17, 2021

How To Improve Core Web Vitals on Shopify Plus and Shopify

As a Shopify Plus merchant, at some point, Google’s “Core Web Vitals” have probably come across your radar, or if they haven’t, they should…

Mark Lewis October 7, 2019
Your eCommerce Website May Be At Risk Of An ADA Lawsuit

Your eCommerce Website May Be At Risk Of An ADA Lawsuit

In 2018, almost 2,300 ADA lawsuits were filed against businesses across the US; most of those cases were targeting businesses with websites that were found to be…

Mark Lewis September 27, 2019
The State of CBD in eCommerce

The State of CBD in eCommerce

These days you can’t throw a rock without hitting some new CBD infused product. From coffee to lotion, product designers are creating every kind of CBD product.…

Mark Lewis July 25, 2019
Shopify and Shopify Plus Backend Performance Optimization (Part 1)

Shopify and Shopify Plus Backend Performance Optimization (Part 1)

There are numerous articles about optimizing Shopify’s performance, but they all deal with the frontend performance primarily and completely omit any discussion…

Mark Lewis June 17, 2019
New Partner For Good Announcement: Siteimprove

New Partner For Good Announcement: Siteimprove

We're excited to announce our newest partner in the Partner For Good program: Siteimprove.

Mark Lewis June 13, 2019

The State and Future of Shopify Frontend/Theme Development

I think the reason why frontend “theme” development on Shopify matters so much is that themes on Shopify aren’t just “themes” to most…

Mark Lewis May 8, 2019

You Probably Don't Need Shopify Plus

If you’re considering Shopify or Shopify Plus as your next ecommerce platform. Heed this advice that I’ve alluded to in other posts and said countless…

Mark Lewis May 6, 2019

What's Involved In A Magento or Shopify eCommerce Migration?

If you’re currently on Magento 1, Shopify, BigCommerce and considering moving to another platform like Magento 2 or Shopify you’re probably dreading…